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The most important thing for skin is moisturizing

Improve skin texture, regulate skin water and oil balance, combine deep sea algae, natural plant extracts, cactus extracts, vitamins and cutting-edge technology and rare formulas to crystallize the art of maintenance.

According to the different needs of the skin day and night, the appropriate hydration and nutrients are given. Thetis day and night maintenance, moisturizing and hydrating during the day, and water and oil balance at night for perfect care, plus the addition of anti-aging essence, naturally penetrate the skin bottom layer in order, let you Reveals bright skin.

Thetis 6 advantages

No need to wash

Put on gel,

no need to clean again

Ready to sleep 

Moisturizer in cabin

When the skin is in

dry cabin environment

Keep moisture

skin moisture after night skincare

When the skin is in cold winter

Easy to use

High ductility and easy apply

Calm and soothe

The best structure for moisturizing and anti-wrinkle

Seven moisturizing elements from desert plants

  • Moisture is an important source for maintaining health skin. The skin's own moisturizing and water-retaining functions are reduced due to aging and environmental factors. At this time, adding more moisturizing ingredients and water can not retain water, just like Dry water in the desert is constantly watering and cannot be effective.


  • Seven moisturizing elements from desert plants, such as OENOTHERA BIENNIS ROOT, ABRONIA VILLOSA, YUCCA BREVIFOLIA ROOT , Vegebios Cactus Flowers, fouqueria splendens, LARREA TRIDENTATA.  A combination of extracts is a quick solution to skin dehydration.

Key high-permeability technologies

Advanced Biochemical Technology
Gel Cream Ion technology
Not only is it simply mixing the ingredients of moisturizing water and lotion, but also successfully combining these two different water and milk types together! When contacting the skin, it will naturally penetrate to the bottom of the muscles in sequence, no Complex steps can easily complete the elastic muscle.
Thetis three-stage high-permeability expertise